Support Staffordshire Volunteer Star Awards - Lichfield 2019

I am delighted to be able to tell you that Lichfield Emergency Night Shelter won the Volunteer Team of the Year (less than 2 years old) at Support Staffordshire's Star Award event on 17th July.

The Night Shelter is a Churches Together Lichfield sponsored project. In fact, without Churches Together direct support, it is very unlikely the night shelter would have got off the ground. 

The project demonstrated the positive and practical impact Christians continue to have in Lichfield. Whether we are needed this winter is too early to say, but we will be there if we are.

In addition to this award, Ann Pitman, a member of St Chad's Church, was named as Volunteer of the Year. Her volunteering roles include being a Late Night Listener and as a very active member of st Chad's.

The lifetime Achievement Award went to Doreen Hanson for her long support and dedication to the Volunteer Transport Scheme. Doreen is also a member of Wade Street Church.

The winner of the Volunteer Achievement in Self Development, Bret, has been directly supported by Live At Home and Wade Street Church lunch clubs. Supported volunteering gives confidence and self worth to those who would find it difficult gain these skills.


Our Christian faith in action - thank God!


Rick Hill 

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