2019 is flying past and here we are at the beginning of autumn with events to look back on and look forward to. At Prison Fellowship we are already making preparations for our Christmas programme, Angel Tree.

For those of you unfamiliar with Angel Tree, this is an annual event whereby prisoners are given the opportunity to choose and send a Christmas gift to their child or children. PF ‘Angel Tree’ teams across the nation, send out printed cards to their local prison chaplaincies who then distribute to the dads or mums in their establishment. This card enables the prisoner to enter the name, age and sex of their child (children), name a gift and write a short message. The cards are collected and returned to the local PF team who then with the help of volunteers go shopping! Gifts are purchased according to the information written on the cards. Following all the purchases, the gift laden helpers return to a given venue, and begin the task of wrapping. The AT team leader will have the addresses to which the gifts will be sent. This is confidential information to that leader. The gifts will then be sent on.

Following the Christmas season many thankyou letters are received from prisoners who have benefitted from the programme saying how ‘perfect’ the received gift was. ‘ Thankyou, thankyou, couldn’t have been more a more appropriate present’ being a frequently used phrase. One mum in particular had said to herself ‘why would anyone be interested in wanting to send a present to the child of someone like me?’ After having then deciding to use the scheme she said, quote, ‘I was humbled that there were people ‘out there’ who cared enough to think of my daughter’ She went on to say that that single act of kindness by Prison Fellowship had changed her life.’

If you would like to get involved with Prison Fellowship programmes or for further information on Angel Tree please contact

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