Minutes of the AGM of Churches Together in Lichfield held on 18th June 2019

at the Methodist Church at 7.30pm


The meeting was chaired by Pat Maguire and opened at 7.30pm

2. Apologies were received from Peter Philips - Cathedral

3. ‘Celebrate, Share, Explore, Action’ – A chance to discuss and celebrate all the good things happening in our community, share what else needs to be done, explore practical ways of working together to meet those needs and plan appropriate action.

Revd. Rod Clark –reflecting on Mental Health recalled having a conversation with 2 young men, who were employed and functioning, but needed a space to have a conversation. They were asked what they needed. Because they were working, they couldn’t drop into any of today’s organisations, so they were challenged to come up with a solution. Mental health and spiritual journeys are linked.

Ian Hayter said that many organisations needed more volunteers. Perhaps we needed to see where the gaps are eg. The Schools’ Work Trust could do with some more volunteers. Perhaps we could share our organisations and perhaps we could do better what is happening already.

Iris Hartley gave information about the Casserole Club at Wade Street. She said that there were only a couple of rough sleepers who attended, but it performed a very useful function for certain lonely individuals.

Brian Maguire mentioned the LGBT+ group which met at the Scales on the first Monday of the month 

Liz Ridler mentioned the transgender group which meets at Wade Street Church.

Roger Baker spoke about opportunities for evangelism. There had not been a specific Churches Together presence at the Bower this year, but that could be an opportunity to consider again.

Judith Parry gave details about Places of Welcome, encouraging groups to publish what they are doing. She distributed a leaflet with details of local PoW venues.

Nigel Gann spoke of the City of Sanctuary concept which focusses on asylum seekers and refugees. C of S in Lichfield is gathering momentum; he asked how the welcoming ethos be spread beyond the Christian communities and how can the divisions be healed.

Davis Shaw gave details of the Ecochurch group starting at the Methodist Church and asked why the churches didn’t get together to follow this through? Its main thrust at the moment is to act as pressure group to get rid of plastics.

Michѐle Gerard suggested that Christians needed to be present at other activities in the city, showing a Christian presence.

Pam Brazendale suggested that a prayer group could be formed to undergird some of these activities.

Pat Maguire asked if everyone was happy to have their contact details on the CTiL website. If she didn’t hear to the contrary, it would be assumed that everyone was happy.


AGM business meeting

The minutes of the AGM of 2108 were agreed as a correct record

There were no matters arising

The Chairs’ report was accepted

Treasurer’s report – the treasurer reported that the accounts were now compliant with the recommended practice for charity accounts. The figures were presented. A question was asked about the level of the reserves of £4559.12. It will be different this year because of the night shelter.

All the organisation reports had been pre-circulated

Election of Officers. Rick Hill as Lay co-chair has another 2 years for his term of office. Liz Ridler and David Mason were confirmed as Treasurer and Secretary respectively.

A Christmas Day Together coordinator was still required, preferably by the end of October. Last year’s organiser has the systems all set up so the necessary paperwork is much more straightforward.

There was no AOB.

The next Forum would be on Tuesday 22nd October at 7.30 in College Hall.

The meeting closed at 8.50pm with all saying The Grace together.








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