Chairs Report AGM 2020

As I prepare to write the Chairs Report for this AGM I am aware that I should only focus on December 2018 – December 2019. However, under the circumstances, that is impossible. How can I ignore all that is, and has been, happening around us over the past few weeks and months? Events, that have in a profound way, encouraged us all to reflect on the discussion we all held at the AGM last summer under the title: Celebrate, Share, Explore and Action. As Leila noted for us in the minutes of that meeting: A chance to discuss and celebrate all the good things happening in our community, share what else needs to be done, explore practical ways of working together to meet those needs and plan appropriate action.

What a buzz there was in The Methodist Church that evening, what a wave of excitement filled the room, how many of us left the church that evening with a real sense of hope as we wondered what might come out of it all: maybe something new, maybe consolidation of something already up and running. Whatever it was, we as people of this Lichfield community with all our different ideas and experiences, knew that something good was happening here and we waited to see what would be the next step.

Over the past year, Churches Together in Lichfield has continued to work together to support the continuation of those groups up and running such as those of us involved in the schools and the gathering together of volunteers to support Rough Sleepers.

However, no-one would have envisaged to days situation.

Certainly there will not be a possibility of gathering together in one place for this year’s AGM and the likelihood is that we shall need to use technology to help us ‘be together’ in a way many of us would not have envisaged last year. But, it seems to me, that one thing is certain, our collective sense of the need to identify and care for the vulnerable, the lonely and the isolated among us has been strengthened during this time. Also there are many people prepared to sacrifice their time and talents in order to support those less fortunate.

Maybe we need, thinking about last year’s conclusion, a way of enabling all that is happening already to be consolidated and brought together in an ever more profound and more premanent way. Working together to Celebrate what is good, Share and Explore what needs to be done and Act out of love and compassion as we seek to look after one another.

Hence see one of our main topics for presentation and discussion for this years AGM

Pat and Rick


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