Late Night Listeners – This project is now in its 10th year and continues to minister to the night time economy every Saturday night (and one Friday per month). The base number of volunteers (about 20) has remained constant and we have recruited 2 more volunteers in the last year.

One prospective volunteer came forward but did not meet the criteria of Christian faith. She was asked if she would like to come along to church, anyway, and she jumped at the opportunity. She has been a regular attender since then and has wanted to ‘serve’ the community – this she has done.

The atmosphere just before the current lockdown was getting very edgy. People were frightened, more self centred and downright aggressive. Perversely, the lockdown helped calm nerves.

How we return to offering a Christian outreach to the night time economy in the future is an open question. We will have to change and identify how we can best meet the needs of Lichfield and the availability of our volunteers.

It would be good to celebrate 10 years, but we will have to wait and see where we believe God is taking us.

Page last updated: 29th May 2020 10:53 AM