Lichfield Christian Schools Work Trust – The trust runs 3 distinct projects that support young people. Most young people and students in Lichfield will come into contact with the Trust on average at least 3 times during their school lives.

Shepherds Crook Puppets and Schools Weeks (With Wade Street Church) – The puppets are used to tell bible stories to primary school children. The aim has been to go into each primary school every term. The sessions are very well received and an upgraded sound system has helped make to performances more accessible.

Only one schools week was delivered (Christmas) as Covid 19 led to the cancellation of the Easter week. That may well be delivered, it will just be a little late!

Bridge Builders – This project delivers employability workshops and mock job interviews to Years 10 and 12 students. Between 4 and 5 sessions are delivered each term to different schools. Over 80 volunteers are part of this project. The impact of Bridge Builders was demonstrated following a session at South Staffs College; a student came back for a follow up session at the college and said to his interviewer that he gained a job as a direct result of the skills learned at an earlier workshop!

Apart from directly supporting students, the sessions give volunteers validation and confidence that their skills are not going to waste. One of the volunteers did the reverse of a current scheme; instead of taking his daughter to work, his daughter (a teacher) took him to work!

Covid 19 has led to the cancellation of sessions planned for the summer and will, no doubt, be a challenge in the future. One which will be overcome.

Lichfield Community Mentoring – This project provides mentoring support to young people and students who have low self esteem/confidence. Mentees are referred by schools and they are supported for about 6 months. Over 100 young people are mentored by around 25 volunteers.

LCM is run by a paid project worker. Historically, the funding for this role has been covered by a legacy, but last year this started to run out and the project was at a significant risk of facing closure. Churches Together made a grant to the project and, as a result of this ‘seed’, the trust has been able to secure almost £50,000 additional funding over the next 3 years (£30,00 from URC Mission Fund). This funding will enable LCM to expand its support – particularly post Covid 19.

Again, there is a very strong Christian ethos that’s openly explained to volunteers.

In January, a celebration was held by the Trust and was attended by over 60 supporters, volunteers and schools.



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