AGM 17th JUNE 2020


The Group has a network of around fifty people and continues to meet regularly. We are affiliated to the national Sabeel-Kairos movement which is the leading Christian, church-based organisation in Britain campaigning for the rights of the Palestinian people and for a just peace in Palestine/Israel.


For over a year the group has been planning for a major weekend.’Celebrate Palestine’ with a series of events, including film with a question and answer session, a workshop for children and families built around the ‘Silent Voices’ exhibition, photographs taken by the children of Bil’in on the West Bank of the town’s resistance to Occupation; a cookery demonstration by a Palestinian woman who also talks about morally responsible investment, a performance in the Garrick theatre by actor/playwright Justin Butcher featuring his epic walk from London to Jerusalem in 2017: Sunday morning worship followed by a Middle eastern lunch. This would have all taken place in May but was inevitably postponed. We are planning to present it on the equivalent weekend next year.

We plan an annual service around the Christmas period using material from our friends at Kairos Palestine, based in Bethlehem with up-to-date stories of their life under Occupation. We have engaged with supermarkets on the sale of goods from illegal Israeli settlements. We continue to lobby the government through our MP especially this past year on the continuing siege of Gaza. Recently we have written to Michael Fabricant about the intensifying of settler attacks on the land of Palestinian farmers , destroying hundreds of olive trees-criminal acts committed during a pandemic when Palestinian communities are in lockdown. More seriously still, in July, the Israeli government has declared its intention of annexing the whole of the Jordan valley, which is Palestinian land, in flagrant disregard of international law and the 4th Geneva Convention.This is not only illegal but immoral; 140 MP’s have tabled an EDM condemning this action and calling on our government to impose economic sanctions on the apartheid state of Israel should it refuse to withdraw this intention. It is perhaps too much to expect the AGM to pass a resolution as a body, but if there are individual members who would like to add to the many letters to our MP on this serious and urgent issue we would be glad to supply details.


Contact : Warren Bardsley on 255292 or w.bardsley39@btinternet.com


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