Treasurer’s Report for the year ended 31 December 2019

In financial terms. 2019 was a resounding success. However, as with all voluntary organisations, the people who contribute so much in time and energy are far more important than “money”. Huge thanks must go to the staff and volunteers of the Night Shelter; those who organised and helped with the Christmas Day Together meal, the Walk of Witness, Lent courses, many other activities and those who support the governance and administration of the organisation. Thank you all.

The year started with much activity – you may have already read the report on the Emergency Night Shelter, but this project had a huge impact on the finances of CTiL in 2019. The income for LENS was just under £12,000, of which £10,000 was received as funding from Lichfield District Council. We spent a little over £11,000, leaving £1,080 to be used for the 2020 Night Shelter.

On Page 2 of the Annual Report there is a section which summarises the overall financial activity during the year. Total income was £14,334, of which £11,911 was for the Night Shelter, £751 for Christmas day Together and £1,672 for Church subscription and miscellaneous income.

Total expenditure for 2019 was £15,832, of which £11,031 was expenditure on the Night Shelter, £525 on Christmas Day Together, and £4,276 on General Expenditure.

We ended the year with a balance of £4,237. Of that amount, £2,256 may be spent on any of our charitable purposes, £901 is taken forward for the 2020 Christmas Day Together meal and £1,080 for the 2020 Night Shelter 

Please read the Annual Report and Accounts at your leisure, and contact me though David Mason if you have any specific questions.

Finally, I would like to thank Jemimah Reid, our Independent Examiner – for her diligence and dedication in researching the new Accounting for Charities Reporting Standard to ensure that we comply with all the regulations.

I therefore submit the Annual Report and Financial Statements for 2019 to the AGM for approval.

Elizabeth Ridler

1 June 2020

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