Anthony Narain – Gave a brief history of Urban Saints’ saying that it used to be called Crusaders. The vision is to make disciples for Jesus by loving and discipling young people. There are 4,500 in the 10 -18 age group in Lichfield. There is nothing particular for young people in North Lichfield where 30% of crime in Lichfield is committed.

He wants to set up a group at Curborough Community Centre Reynolds Close on Tuesday evenings to provide a safe space for young people in Yrs 6 -9 i.e 10 -13 year-olds. It will be free, a meal will be provided and the intention is to launch in January. Help will be required from volunteers, prayer support or a financial contribution. If they raise £3000 then a donor will match that funding.

Anthony distributed information leaflets with his contact details

Tel: 07428 728242 or anarain@urbansaints.org

Caroline Fellows - Her main theme was community. She had heard about LENS and got involved, realised that there was a community, but she couldn’t see it. She saw that Friary Grange swimming pool was to close, so set up a Facebook page “Save the Friary Grange”. 24 hours later there had been over 2000 ‘likes’. A room had been booked for a meeting for 40 people but many more people attended. In the end, after over 11,000 people signed a petition, a meeting with LDC was held at The Garrick. Caroline had written to The Bishop and Rick Hill had gone to the Ministers in the town for support for the cause. A Friends of Friary Grange has now been formed. Caroline concluded by saying that ‘Lichfield has a community’ and that Christians have a passion to get on with things, undergirded by prayer.



The minutes of the Forum in February were agreed

There were no matters arising

In addition to the figures presented, the treasurer reported that all the subs for 2019 had been received

Lichfield Christian Schools’ Work Trust. Rick Hill reported that the legacy initially received was running out. The project continued to work successfully, and the Trust has contact with about 3000 students a year. One school has contributed £1000, recognising that their students are receiving a professional standard mentoring scheme and RiHi has managed to

raise about £8000 by applying for grants. The work is now safe until the summer of 2020.

LENS. LDC approached CTiL to see if a night shelter could be run again. Spring Housing is working with the rough sleepers, but LDC’s housing department still believes that LENS is needed. LDC asked if it could be run for 4 months, but CTiL felt it could commit to 3, January - March. The estimate to do this is £20,000. Government grants have been applied for by LDC. Pat Maguire felt that it was important to run this project, but it couldn’t be done without the finance.

Christian Aid Action Group. Linda Atkin described a small group, mostly from the Cathedral, continuing to try to raise the profile of Christian Aid within the City. A sum of money was proposed. Richard Henshaw proposed £250 which was agreed by the meeting.

Margaret Israel was formally thanked for her work on the Enabling Group for CTiL. She was presented with a voucher. Diana Pearson has agreed to be a Methodist rep on the Enabling Group.

Future events. i) Interfaith Week – contact Warren Bardsley

ii) There will be a Christian Aid vigil at Speaker’s Corner at 11 am on Saturday 14th December

iii) A coordinator is required for Christmas Day Together. Unless someone comes forward by 3rd November, it may not happen.

iv) Ian Hayter offered Wade Street for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity on Friday 24th January 2020.

iv) Lent Groups. There are a couple of choices for the books, one being by Ruth Valerio which is the Archbishop of Canterbury’s book choice for 2020, this will be published in November 2019, or alternatively a York Course called Superstar. The list to sign up will be in churches for 19th January.

v) Walk of Witness and Good Friday arrangements. Ian Hayter will take responsibility for the worship at the ‘stations’ on the route in the City. It will end at the Methodist Church. Although Roger Baker will be away, the worship and hospitality will be arranged. The evening event at the Cathedral at 7.30pm will be Stefan Smith reciting Mark’s Gospel.

Any other business. Roger Baker reported that there had been no tent at the Bower this year. He said that there had been issues in a previous year, so the format previously used was no longer permitted. Roger will facilitate a group to help sort it out. He will notify David Mason, Secretary, of a date. Ian Hayter offered to assist Roger Baker. Action: RB, IH


The next Forum would be on Tuesday 11th February 2020 at Christchurch.

The meeting closed at 20.50 with all saying The Grace.


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