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In particular Churches Together in Lichfield and District shall seek to - i) Serve as a means of communication between churches and other Christian groups within its area; ii) Provide a focus for relating to the local authority and other statutory or voluntary bodies; iii) Co-ordinate church involvement in town twinning schemes; iv) Co-ordinate mission and evangelism as appropriate across its area of operation; (v) Develop further links with other faith communities within its area. Achievements during the year: i) Securing funding from Lichfield District Council to provide an Emergency Night Shelter for rough sleepers during February and March 2019; ii) Running a successful Christmas Day Together Meal for those living alone; iii) Providing seed funding for three churches' projects in the community; iv) Providing an ecumenical presence at Lichfield Greenhill Bower Festival. Financial Review: Total income during the year was £2,709, a decrease of £874 on the previous year. However, the shortfall is due to grants received for Christmas Day Together and contributions for Lent Course materials received in 2017, which were not repeated in 2018. Total Expenditure for the year 2018 also fell to £1,995 from £2,710 in 2017 due to lower spending on the website and no expenditure on Lent Course materials. At the end of the year, the total funds available were £5,734, of which £675 were carried forward to the 2019 Christmas Day Together meal and a £200 donation towards costs of the proposed Emergency Night Shelter. Public Benefit: The Enabling Group has had due regard to the relevant public benefit guidance when exercising its powers and duties. Signed on behalf of the Enabling Group David Mason Honorary Secretary 2 REPORT OF THE INDEPENDENT EXAMINER ON THE ACCOUNTS OF CTiL for the year ended 31 December 2018 I report to the members on my examination of the accounts of Churches Together in Lichfield and District (the Organisation) for the year ended 31 December 2018

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