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Chairs Report – CTiL AGM 2019

Chatting with Rick about what we might write about, the one thing that came to mind, was the numerous ways in which so many people are engaged in volunteering in so many community activities with which CTiL are connected. In fact, as I write this, Rick is updating our Survey of Community Activities.

We both agreed that for us personally this is what Churches Together is all about. Enabling opportunities for everyone to ‘get involved’ with various projects across our community that perhaps as individual people, or churches, would not be possible. Our ‘guesstimate’ is that between 400 – 500 people are involved in one way or another.

A few examples would include: working with children in schools in various supportive ways to declaring our faith in the Walk of Witness on Good Friday; praying and studying the bible together in Lent Groups to enabling groups to gather and help alleviate loneliness; from sharing the joy of a Christmas meal and entertainment to providing shelter for those who are homeless. Now that gave us a real indication of the amazing number of people prepared to volunteer! This led us to think about a new way in which we might organise the AGM this year.

To give a real opportunity, not only for celebrating what is happening, but also to identify where the needs are around us and explore what action we might take together. So, come along and join in; together we might discover what God has in store for us for the future.


Pat and Rick – Chairs 2018/2019

Chairs Report – CTiL AGM 2019


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