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Places of Welcome is now a national initiative, having originally begun in Birmingham and the Black Country. There are now more than 250 running country wide. The 5 principles are

Place – an accessible and hospitable building

People – open to everyone, regardless of their circumstances or situation, staffed by volunteers

Presence – a place where people actively listen to one another

Provision – offering free refreshments (at least a cup of tea and biscuit) and basic local information

Participation - everyone brings skills and experiences that they may be willing to share

St. Chad’s started a Place of Welcome at Curborough Community Centre, Reynolds Close on Tuesday mornings and Churches Together agreed to ‘prime the pump’ with a grant to go towards the rent at the Community Centre some time ago. There are 3 volunteers running the morning each Tuesday, with a rota currently of 13 people. Like Late Night Listeners, there is as much ministry between members of the team as there is to members of the local community which it serves. Now it has been running for a while, people have been very generous so we seem to be able to cover the tea, coffee and biscuits. Attenders have been signposted to the Foodbank, the British Legion, the CAB, Bromford Housing as their needs have become apparent. We know that this provision is much appreciated; an example is the fact that we opened on New Year’s Day which can be a difficult time for some people – and 15 people attended, glad to have a warm welcoming space and fellowship to come to.

A PoW is now run at the Martin Heath Hall on Mondays and another run at Life Church

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