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David Whittaker, Housing Options Manager, Lichfield District Council – David spoke about ‘Homelessness – Local Authority Statutory Duty’. He outlined the procedures the Council follows if someone turns up at their office and claims to be homeless. He started by defining what the official definition is of a person who is considered to be homeless or threatened with homelessness. He went on to describe who is classed as eligible under current legislation and who can be classed as having ‘priority need’. He went on to talk about the problem of intentionality and how they assess whether a person can be considered to have a local connection. Then he talked about homelessness prevention and homelessness relief and drew attention to the Council’s website which outlines Lichfield District Council’s Housing Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy. He also talked about the annual estimate of rough sleepers. The figures for the last four years were 2016 – 1, 2017 – 3, 2018 -5, 2019 – 5. He also described the Severe Weather Emergency Protocol which comes into effect when there are three or more days forecast where the temperature will fall below freezing at night. He mentioned the work of the staff and volunteers of the Lichfield Emergency Night Shelter which has resulted in three of those classified as homeless being found accommodation. The Government target for rough sleeping is to halve it by 2022 and to eradicate it by 2027. The current Spring Housing Project workers try to engage with and direct rough sleepers to services and provide accommodation in accordance with Housing First criteria i.e. deal with other issues after they have gone into accommodation – a model which has been employed successfully in other places. Three properties have now been acquired. The Council also plan to dissuade the public from giving money to rough sleepers and plan to set up an alternative giving scheme.

Nigel Gann, Secretary, Lichfield City of Sanctuary - Nigel outlined the work of City of Sanctuary UK in providing a widespread network of over 100 towns, cities, villages and local communities committed to the vision that the UK will be a welcoming place of safety for all, and proud to offer sanctuary to people fleeing from violence and persecution. The organisation was set up fifteen years ago in Sheffield by Inderjit Bhogal, who spoke at the launch of the Lichfield group. For further information he recommended a document on the Lichfield Diocesan website by David Primrose entitled ‘I was a stranger’. Over the next twelve months the team plan to engage with other local organisations. An event has also been planned at St. Mary’s on 4th June entitled ‘An Evening with an Immigrant’.

The minutes of the Forum in October 2019 were agreed

There were no matters arising

Liz reported the total in the bank accounts amounts to £9586.68, income over the last twelve months was £9777.40 and expenditure was £5025.55.

Lichfield Christian Schools’ Work Trust. Rick Hill reported that over sixty people attended the recent meeting of the Trust. There are sufficient funds for the Trust to continue until the end of the summer and grant applications have been or are being made to the URC, West Hill Trust and Lichfield City Council. An approach has also been received from South Staffordshire 


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