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Treasurer’s Report for the year ended 31 December 2018 Having been appointed as Treasurer at last year’s AGM, I’d like to begin by thanking Brian Maguire for his hard work as immediate past Treasurer. This is a difficult task, and the handover was the most seamless I have experienced. It has been an interesting year: there are two main periods of activity – the early months are when the membership subscriptions are received and I am delighted to report that the majority of these came in very quickly. The Christmas Day Together meal takes place at the close of the year and the end of 2018, we had the added interest of a potential new project providing an Emergency Night Shelter for Rough Sleepers. If you turn to page 2 of the Annual Report for 2018, you will see from the Financial Summary that Total income during the year was £2,709, a decrease of £874 from 2017. The shortfall is due to grants received for Christmas Day Together and contributions for Lent Course materials received in 2017 which were not repeated in 2018. Total expenditure for 2018 also fell by £715 to £1,995. We finished the year with a balance of £5,734. Of that amount, £4,859 could be spent on any of our charitable purposes, £675 is taken forward for the 2019 Christmas Day Together meal and £200 for the 2019 Emergency Night Shelter. You will notice that the Annual Report and Accounts are in a different format this year. The Independent Examiner, Jemimah Reid and I felt that a set of accounts which follows the recommendation of the Charity Commission would stand us in good stead for the future, particularly with Income for the Night Shelter increasing our income and expenditure by over £10,000. The accounts are in the format consistent with other charities reporting to major funders. I would therefore like to express my thanks to Jemimah for her unstinting support and wise advice, and I submit the report and accounts for your approval. Elizabeth Ridler 23 May 2019

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