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Lichfield will continue to be a Fairtrade City after seeing its status renewed.

For a decade the city has held the accolade and will continue with it until at least 2020.

The Fairtrade Foundation renewed the status due to the city’s efforts to support ethical trading. 

Fairtrade Lichfield coordinator Iwan Griffiths said: “We are proud that Lichfield continues to prove it’s support for Fairtrade, and that we have shown evidence of this in our successful application for renewal as a Fairtrade City.

“The hard work in promoting Fairtrade goes on in our faith communities, schools and businesses, driven by local people asking for Fairtrade products in cafes and shops.

“We’d like to thank Lichfield for its continued support for Fairtrade, and encourage more supporters to join us in campaigning for Fairtrade.”

In March a Fairtrade tasting evening was held with cheese and wine and story telling by Christine Genders and Maria Credali. The event was attended by the Mayor of Lichfield and over fifty guests.

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