Reports, Agendas & Minutes

In response to the Lichfield Christian Aid Action Group report, Michael Hawkes of the FairTrade Group said that he was unaware of the Action Group. The comment was made that the Action Group is not a money raising organisation, which must make it unique.



Chair. Pat Maguire has been the Clergy co-Chair for the last 4 years. The constitution says that there must be an election, but the Chair can restand. A comment was made that Churches Together in another area has folded, as a Chair could not be found. PM has indicated that she is prepared to stand for another 2 years only. Proposed – Hazel Rendle, seconded Rick Hill

Secretary. David Mason, proposed Rick Hill, seconded Brian Maguire. Agreed

Treasurer. Brian Maguire had very ably taken over the role, tidied up the accounts and got the internet banking sorted out. He wanted to stand down. He proposed Liz Ridler from Wade Street, quickly seconded by Ted Green. Agreed. In the report it was mentioned that a grant to the Memory Café had been asked for and granted. A letter had been received from Sally Clough, a director of Home Instead, thanking CTiL for the donation of £200 as a ‘start-up’ grant. She commented that they feel ‘partnered with the group of people involved’.


Any Other Business

Women’s World Day of Prayer. Hazel Rendle gave a report. She said that 2 services on the Day – the first Friday in March- was the norm, but only one service had been held this year due to the very snowy weather. It is about to be called ‘World Day of Prayer’ ,but still led by women, an important aspect as in some countries women would be disempowered. She asked for sponsorship from CTiL for materials. Rick Hill proposed £100 which was agreed.

Rick Hill said that a letter had been received from Robert Mountford sending good wishes for the AGM.


The next forum meeting would be on

Wednesday 17th October 2018 at 7.30pm at

Wade Street

The meeting closed at 8.50pm with prayer.


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