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Lichfield Christian Schools Work Trust

The Trust continues to run 3 successful projects in schools. 

Lichfield Community Mentoring - This provides one to one support to students and children who need a little bit of extra help. The young people do not meet the criteria for formal support, but schools know the extra help really makes a difference. The scheme has about 20 volunteers who are supervised by one part time member of staff. The scale of support is significant with over 100 young people being part of the programme from most secondary and primary schools in the city. A highly respected project that meets the emotional needs of young people.

Bridge Builders - This project delivers employability skills and mock interviews to students  in 9 local senior schools. A pool of around 70 volunteers has been developed and the service is warmly received in schools. Aside from helping students, the scheme has given a significant amount of self worth to volunteers. It has helped retired people use their significant life skills and pass them onto a new generation. The project continues to thrive, but a bigger pool of volunteers would be benficial.

Shepherds Crook Puppets - This project has continued to successfully deliver Bible stories in primary school assemblies. All Lichfield primary schools are involved. In conjunction with Wade Street Church, 2 'schools' weeks are delivered at Easter and Christmas. These explain the relevant stories to about 500 children each year. Schools remain very open to this honest and relevant project that gives an insight into the Christian message. About 20 volunteers are actively involved in the project.

Whilst the Schools Work Trust projects are very successful, the governance is not. The chair, secretary and treasurer have all stood down in the last year. A legacy has been used to fund the work of Lichfield Community Mentoring, but this will run out in the next 9 months. Efforts have been made, without success, to recruit new trustees. Faced with a difficult situation, the remaining trustees have asked Wade Street Church if they would be prepared to take over the governance of the Trust - a decision on this is pending. New funding will need to be sought urgently to maintain the work of the mentoring scheme.

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