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These days most people have heard of CHRISTIAN AID, but many may not be aware of the full range of work the Charity does, across the Globe.

The Lichfield CHRISTIAN AID Action Group ( Yes, a bit of a mouthful I know) sets out to raise the profile of the Organisation and inform people, of just how many projects and life saving commitments the the charity is involved with, at any one time. We also raise funds for CHRISTIAN AID, but this is secondary to our main purpose of informing local people of the Charities work. We have been informed, that we are the only group in the country and so feel proud of our unique contribution to the wider Organisation.

Following an £150 grant from ‘Lichfield Churches Together’ we set about supporting various causes which CHRISTIAN AID was committing itself too. One of these was to bring to the attention of the public the fact that the burning of fossil fuels was harming our planet and that several well known multi-national organisations were continuing to promote such a practice.

One Saturday morning, members of our local group stood in the city centre and asked members of the public to sign a petition, which lobbied manufacturing companies to alter their investments opportunities, so helping with the global effort to prevent Climate Change.This proved a successful venture as one or two of the big banks made moves to change their outlook on fossil fuels.

We set-up a Christian Aid Display at a local conference at which Rowan Williams gave the address. Bishop Williams generously agreed any money raised should go to the Organisation. We raised just over £1,000 on that occasion.

On a cold December Saturday morning a group of us assembled at ‘Speakers Corner’ in Lichfield. Here, we held our second Vigil. Last year we remembered all those from around the World who had been forced to flee their homes, due to war......This year our thoughts turned to all those who had died in conflicts of war over the past 100 years. Through prayer,       song and poignant periods of silence we remembered those who continue to live under the threat of war. We prayed for peace in every community around the Globe.

The Action Group decided to take part in the fantastic Christmas Tree Display in Lichfield Cathedral. The theme of our display was ‘peace’ and in keeping with the cathedral’s programme we adored our tree with images of Doves of Peace. We also took the idea out to a local church and had a display in Fradley Parish Church.

At the beginning of CHRISTIAN AID WEEK in May this year, we held a fund raising ‘Big Brekkie’ event. As last year, Lichfield Methodist Church generously agreed to host us and allowed us to use their facilities on a Saturday morning. On offer was a range of cereals. We also served bacon or sausage in bread rolls followed by toast and marmalade. Tea of (real) Coffee was available throughout the morning. The event proved very popular with over 100 customers through the doors. We raised over £800 in just over two hours.

So, what of the future ? As the local CHRISTIAN AID Action Group we plan to continue to inform local Christians that many churches and faith investors have long aligned their investments with their beliefs and ethics, from challenging the apartheid regime to withdrawing their investments from the arms trade, tobacco, or gambling. As with every part of the churches’ mission, their investments must be guided by radical and sacrificial love.

As leading advocates for action on climate change, it is now time that the churches divest from the fossil fuel industry. Continuing to profit from fossil fuel production is financially unnecessary and morally wrong; investing in the alternatives is the churches’ prophetic responsibility.

We always welcome new members to our group. Contact Peter Phillips (Chair) on for more information.

Peter Phillips

Lichfield Action Group



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