Churches Together in Lichfield

Thy Kingdom Come.

Ascension Day Thursday 21st May –Pentecost Sunday 31st May 2020

This is the 5th year this prayer initiative has been held. The Covid19 pandemic means that for the first time we shall not be able to physically gather together. However, that does not prevent us praying together. As always our focus for prayer will be that, those individuals and communities who do not yet recognise their need of the love of Jesus Christ, may ‘turn around’ and invite the Holy Spirit to come into their lives


So we shall be holding a service during the week, using ‘Zoom’ technology, where we can share worship together on one evening during this time. We also felt it was important to have some material that was easily accessible and we could use daily, perhaps even at the same time. So bringing us all together in a daily wave of prayer.


While recognising that there are many resources available, on the Diocesan web site and elsewhere, we have created a short pattern of prayer that you might like to use. This takes one of the key themes from Thy Kingdom Come material for this year called Prayer and Care. The idea is that not only will we pray for individuals and the community around us but also pledge ourselves to practical help in whatever way is possible at this time.


So let us join together in this action during our lunchtimes if possible.

Beginning Thursday [Ascension Day]:

First, bring to mind, in God’s presence, someone/some people for whom you wish to pray.

Praying that they will open their hearts to the love of Jesus Christ.

For those of us for whom a little more help might be useful I enclose a prayer below.

Second, promise to yourself that you will care for them by keeping in contact either by phone, email or any way that is possible for you.

Close your time of prayer with the Lord’s Prayer as a sign of our unity in Christ.



Lord Jesus, I pray for ................. that they might open their hearts to the healing and transforming power of your Holy Spirit. I pray that they might become deeply aware of your love and care for them. Amen






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