Organisational Name: Churches Together in Lichfield and District, also known as CTiL.

Governing Document: CTiL is an unregistered charitable organisation governed by a Constitution adopted on 30 April 2014. Income during the year increased to over £20,000. The Enabling Group is considering the implications of charity registation.

Management Group: The churches shall appoint an Enabling Group whose functions shall be to enable the member churches to make decisions in common. The Enabling Group shall comprise the officers of the Forum, up to four lay representatives, and up to four clergy or ministers appointed by the member churches with regard to an appropriate representation of the various Christian traditions and denominations in membership. The Forum shall meet not less than three times annually and all members of member churches are welcome to attend the Forum. Officers shall be elected/re-elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Forum.

Officers serving during the period: Clergy Co- chair: Patricia Maguire Lay Co-chair: Richard Hill Honorary Secretary: David Mason Honorary Treasurer: Elizabeth Ridler Minute Secetary: Lilas Rawling

Members of Enabling Group: Richard Henshaw Brenda Liptrot Diana Pearson

Objects of the organisation: (a) to enable the churches, as pilgrims together, to explore the Christian faith together, to develop mutual relationships, to seek a common mind, and to make decisions together; (b) To encourage churches to worship, pray and reflect together on the nature and purpose of the church in the light of its mission - each church sharing with others the treasures of its tradition; (c) To enable the churches to live and share the Gospel, to evangelise together and to take further steps towards fuller unity; (d) To enable the churches to respond to the needs of society and to witness to the Gospel together.

Address: C/O Wade Street Church Wade Street Lichfield WS13 6HL 1

In particular Churches Together in Lichfield and District shall seek to - i) Serve as a means of communication between churches and other Christian groups within its area; ii) Provide a focus for relating to the local authority and other statutory or voluntary bodies; iii) Co-ordinate church involvement in town twinning schemes; iv) Co-ordinate mission and evangelism as appropriate across its area of operation; (v) Develop further links with other faith communities within its area.

Achievements during the year: i) Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, some activities were cancelled or postponed. Enabling Group and Forum meetings continued on-line. ii) Securing funding from Lichfield District Council to provide an Emergency Night Shelter for rough sleepers during January, February and March 2020. In order to protect staff, volunteers and guests during the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Enabling Group took the decision to close the Night Shelter in Mid-March. Unspent grant of £6,000 was returned to the District Council. iii) On Christmas Day, volunteers delivered 50 oven-ready Christmas meals and seasonal gift bags to those isolated or living alone, and chatted to the recipients. iv) Lent Groups were well attended and took place on-line.

Financial Review: Total income during the year was £25,310, the major income being £22,500 from Lichfield District Council to run an Emergency Night Shelter during January, February and March 2020, and £670 for Christmas Day Together. Unrestricted Income for the year was £1,390. Total Expenditure for the year 2020 was £23,151 of which £21,589 represented expenditure for the Night Shelter and £611 for Christmas Day Together. Unrestricted expenditure for the year totalled £951. At the end of the year, the total funds available were £6,396, of which £960 were carried forward to the 2021 Christmas Day Together meal and £2,741 towards costs of future Night Shelter or similar projects. Unrestricted Funds carried forward were £2,695.

Public Benefit: The Enabling Group has had due regard to the relevant public benefit guidance when exercising its powers and duties. 

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