Churches Together in Lichfield – Chairs Report 2020 for AGM 2021.

As we prepare for our second AGM meeting on zoom I reflect on the past year. What a game changer that year has been at every level! Individually, locally, and globally.

Yet we have not only survived but in some cases flourished.

Individually many of us have needed to isolate ourselves from the rest of the community for our own personal safety. Relying on Community Support in a way we may never have envisaged. But that experience has led us to view our place within our community and how we might further contribute to people’s well being.

Churches have been closed down, a situation we could never have envisaged, and so, in many ways, has the capacity for CTiL to operate. However, prevented from meeting face-to-face, we found ourselves honing up skills or learning new ones as the use of computer technology became a lifeline. Enabling us to meet with our friends and family safely, but also to continue with our Churches Together meetings and, as time went on, resulted in streaming services in some instances.

So, certainly some of our activities have been curtailed, for example our schools work, involvement in The Bower festivities, Interfaith events and Good Friday witness, but new things have come into being, such as the Online Christmas Service and ‘Lichfield Cares’ good neighbour scheme which we have been privileged to support. Also the impact of streaming services from those churches able to take part has been remarkable. Many people engaging with us from far and near.

The danger of Covid infection became very real to us as just a few weeks into providing Emergency Night Shelter for rough sleepers we had to close for everyone’s safety. Unspent grant monies being returned to the Council. However, the Christmas Day Lunch went ahead thanks to the volunteers involved devising an alternative way of getting both the food and gifts to the 50 guests, as well as ensuring they had a chance for a chat during the day.

So, in conclusion, a heartfelt Thank you to everyone who has made all we have achieved together possible.

Many good wishes for 2021 and, in the face of the unknown, let’s Keep Calm and Carry on in God’s strength.


Canon Pat Maguire – Clergy Co-Chair

Rick Hill – Lay Chair


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