Places of Welcome is now a national network all based on the same 5 Ps namely

Place – the same welcoming space every week at the same time,

People – open to everyone regardless of their circumstances

Provision – simple free refreshments

Presence – a place where people actively listen to each other

Participation – encouraging everyone to share their skills, talents and to join in society in whatever way they feel able to.

Locally, it comes under the organisation Transforming Communities Together of Lichfield diocese, but the groups aren’t necessarily church based or church led. TCT has a part time worker acting as coordinator for the different groups.

In 2020, there were 3 specific PoW groups in Lichfield. St. Chad’s ran one at Curborough Community Centre, which now kindly provides the room rent free; that was on a Tuesday morning 10.30 til 12 noon. Christchurch Lichfield along with St. James Longdon ran one at Martin Heath Hall on a Monday afternoon, and one was set up at the library in St. Mary’s on a Tuesday afternoon. All three were going well until mid March when things ground to a halt. AS with all these groups, the helpers got as much out of it as the clients, enjoying the fellowship and service together.

Depending on risk assessments, some may restart in 2021. St. Chad’s already has started in mid-May.  

Lilas Rawling


Page last updated: 16th June 2021 9:52 AM