Chairs Report 2021 for AGM 2022

During 2021 online meetings, largely through Zoom technology, continued to be the order for the day. It was Autumn before we were able to meet face-to-face. Something which we recognised as being quite a profound experience despite the required wearing of masks and the attention to 2metre distancing.

Nevertheless many of the Projects continued, albeit using online technology, which I believe to be a sign of our resilience and capacity to be flexible and imaginative. These ranged from Thy Kingdom Come worship event to holding Lent Groups online. Christmas Day Together was very successful with ready-made meals taken to the guests and included opportunities for them to chat with the volunteers.

However, towards the end of the year LCSWT [Lichfield Christian Schools Work Trust] was able to celebrate 25years of schools work in the cathedral. This was an encouraging occasion for the volunteers as schools work had been hit hard with the pandemic restrictions.

We are required to complete a review of the work of CTiL every 7 years and it was due this year. This was carried out by members of the Enabling Group and offered for acceptance at the October Forum where it was received positively. Then it was sent off to Robert Mountford the Ecumenical Officer for the Black Country and Staffordshire. The feedback was positive and encouraging. The Review was accepted.

Also, at this same meeting, we were delighted to welcome the World Day of Prayer Group in Lichfield as an affiliated member of CTiL. As we widened our membership, towards the end of the year, we received an invitation from Robert Mountford, to represent Churches Together in Lichfield in the meetings of the Enabling Group for CLASP [Churches Together Across Staffordshire and the Potteries]. We were delighted to accept the invitation and so began a new relationship with members of the churches in our area.

It always seems to be the case that joy is balanced with sadness and so it has been for us this year. A member of the enabling Group, Brenda Liptrop, at the beginning of the year and Rick Hill, Lay co-chair, have both moved on from us for different reasons. We are sorry to see them go but wish them well and thank them deeply for all they have given to enable so many Projects to be achieved for the benefit of the wider community.

However, we do now need another volunteer to take up the role of Enabling Group member and also someone to volunteer to be Lay chair.

So as we turn into 2022, we find ourselves, with grateful thanks for all that has been achieved, both challenged and excited by the possibilities before us.

Thank you to everyone for all you have given in support and encouragement.

Canon Pat Maguire – Clergy co-Chair

Rick Hill – Lay Chair



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