For the second year, our not-so-friendly friend, COVID stopped us having an “in person” event. We held out until early December hoping the tide would turn - but alas, it did not!

We were, again, determined not to be beaten so along with a committed, flexible and simply brilliant group of volunteers - we ploughed on.

We put together a “celebration” box for each guest that would be delivered on Christmas Day by a volunteer. The volunteer would also stop and have a chat (all in the great outdoors and socially distanced). 

The boxes consisted of:

- a starter of fresh melon

- a Christmas lunch ready meal  - with dietary options

- a pudding

- mince pies

- crisps

- a non alcoholic drink

- a cracker 

- chocolates

- a wrapped gift

These were packed up and ready for collection and delivery on Christmas Day morning from Wade Street.

Follow up festive phone calls were made in the evening to guests who wanted a chat.

All together, the amazing group of volunteers delivered to over 60 people on Christmas Day and, I think the volunteers would say that this was the best part of their Christmas.

As for our not-so-friendly friend, COVID, it made a surprise visit to our household just before Christmas so, although we could still do the planning and co-ordination for the event - the volunteers took over brilliantly.

I do remember it as a special time - when the true meaning of being human (not just at Christmas) came to the fore. The kindness that all the volunteers showed was humbling and I thank them for this.

Other huge thanks must go to Caroline (my Christmas Day event partner) who works so hard every year to make the day special and Carolann (my closest of close friends) who stepped in when I could not.

Here is to this year - when we will party like it is 2020!”

Gaynor Baldwin


Page last updated: 18th May 2022 5:10 PM