In common with many organisations, the pandemic lockdowns reduced us to meeting online via Zoom and also severely limited our external activities as a group. . However, recently we have managed to hold a face to face meeting and hopefully we can continue these into the future. Contact with our friends in Palestine has also been limited by the pandemic.

Members have attended protests against Palestinian Home demolitions at JCB Rocester and the ongoing regular protests at the Elbit Systems (drone engine)  factory in Shenstone led by the Palestine Action and Campaign Against the Arms Trade groups. Interest in the Shenstone site has increased following Elbit's decision to close their Oldham factory following multiple protests and occupations. Leafletting of the village by Elbit and the Palestinian support organisations has led to concern from residents about the situation. Revds Jo Thornton & Liz Chamberlain are discussing the issue which may result in a public meeting in the village.

Our immediate future focus will be support and publicity for the Justin Butcher event at the Lichfield festival on 15th July.

We are also in discussion with  the South Staffordshire Palestine Solidarity and Walsall Kobar Friendship Association who would like us to co-host a public meeting in Lichfield about the Palestine situation.

Chris Herbert

Secretary Lichfield Concern for Palestine Group 


Page last updated: 8th June 2022 7:18 PM