Late Night Listeners

The year was blighted by Covid restrictions and the retirement of a number volunteers.

Just before Christmas 2021, Lichfield District Council asked if Late Night Listeners could do a couple of reprise sessions in the run up to the holiday. 10 volunteers duly covered 2 nights in the festive season. 

In theory, the nights are the busiest of the year for the night time economy. They were not busy!

We renewed contacts with regular customers and door staff and were able to offer positive support after 2 years of isolation. This was appreciated by the Police and Council.

Late Night Listeners is looking to formally restart in the Summer of 2022. It will be a slow build up with links to churches and the community.

Rick Hill


Following Rick and Ann Hill's departure from the suburbs of Lichfield to the suburbs of Birmingham and in this post-Covid season, I have agreed to initially steer the LNL ship out of dock and back onto the street of this City of ours. The aim for the moment is to do one shift per month with the expectation that, as we begin to promote it anew in our churches and other areas, then more people would come on-board and we could extend it to every fortnight.

We are planning a trial night on June 11th 2022 with a team of 5 of us to be out from 10.20 ish - 1am. The aim is to set up our table in front of the Dessert Shop (which I believe has closed down?) as usual but just serving hot/cold drinks (not sweets or biscuits at this stage) plus using some of our usual resources. I will be purchasing a couple of new urns for us to use.

If you could circulate this information out to Churches together and other links you may have so that we can raise as much awareness as possible, I would be extremely grateful..


David West-Mullen

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